Aamer Fattah

Aamer Fattah

Head of Transformation, Investment Trends

Aamer is the Head of Transformation at Investment Trends, where he is accountable for strategic transformation, information technology, digital platforms, service design and innovation, data engineering, process improvement and automation.

An experienced leader, Aamer’s career of over 20 years spans executive management and expert roles in financial services, including digital transformation and information technology, business strategy, new ventures, innovation and product development, portfolio management, and data science.

Aamer’s skills and areas of expertise include developing new joint ventures and partnerships to build and launch customer-focused solutions, bespoke R&D projects, venture capital investment research, innoscouting, advising and partnering with start-ups and scale-ups, and leading consulting engagements to develop and deploy innovative, customer-focused products and services.

A member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Aamer’s board expertise includes advisory engagements with not-for-profit and non-government organizations.

Aamer’s academic qualifications include medical science degrees (BMLSc Cytogenetics & Virology, BSc Pharmacology) from the University of Otago, and a business administration degree (GCM) from the University of New South Wales. A graduate of the University of Oxford’s Fintech Programme, Aamer’s completed advanced programs in design thinking and UX research, strategic foresight, data science, machine learning, and Agile product management.

A strategic foresight and deep tech expert, Aamer regularly presents on the latest emerging technologies and trends at industry conferences and forums.